Helicopter Agriculture services and Cattle Herding


Helicopter Agriculture Services

Cherry Orchard Drying – Once Helicopter Cattle Herdingcherries start turning red they lose quality if they absorb water in their bowl-like tops. Water mixes with the sugar inside and causes the fruit to expand, resulting in rapid growth in which the skin of the cherry splits, cracks, or bursts. Also the excess water absorbed by the cherries results in soft mushy fruit. Helicopters are utilized for flying over the cherry orchards and blowing the water off the tops of the fruit, resulting in higher quality fruit.

Crop Pollination – When temperature is very high early in the day, the pollen dies before it can reach the seed rows. That’s where the helicopter comes in. Starting as soon as the dew leaves, we use a
helicopter to fly up and down the rows to blow
pollen to the female plants.

Searching/Herding live stock – Helicopter provides an aerial view that makes locating
livestock in remote areas quick and easy. This can cut down on time and money spent searching by horseback or ATV.

Aerial Surveys – Aerial Surveys conducted by the pilots of Alpine Aviation are typically done in the R-22 or R-44 helicopter. Giving your business the best view and most efficient method of conducting the survey of property available today.

Frost Control – When the nights get down to the freezing point and farmers begin assembling large fires around their crop to keep them from frosting, our experienced frost control pilots at Alpine Aviation fly a controlled airspeed and altitude forcing that heat from the fires to remain down near the surface, saving their crops from being lost due to the risk of frost.