Helicopter Tours Idaho


Helicopter Tours


Helicopter Tours allow you to experience the adventure of flying in Idaho and seeing it from a birds eye view. You are able to sit back and enjoy the view while one of our professional pilots takes you on a ride over mountains, rivers, canyons, and much more.

Our tours are available year around and can be customized to meet the desires of the client. We can do helicopter tours for large events such as weddings and fairs, Christmas and New Years, Valentine’s Day and more!

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Photo Flight

Aerial Surveys IdahoIf you need photos of something from the air or just want a picture of your house, our expert pilots will always get you the shot that you want. Professional Photographer? Amateur Photographer? Whether you are shooting with state of the art camera equipment or a disposable camera, taking photos from a few hundred feet above will always give you photos you will treasure. Enjoy breathtaking scenery from thousands of feet up.

Realtors, take pictures of your properties to give a unique perspective to your customers. Contractors, need a aerial survey of the land your working on? Or maybe just a photo of a work in progress? Get that dramatic photo that will put your customers over the top.

Our Robinson Helicopters are ideal, highly stable and safe aircraft for photographers and film crews. The doors can be removed, offering an outstanding view and a wide variety of angles.

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