Helicopter Livestock Management



Alpine aviation offers a wide range of helicopter services specifically geared to livestock management. With our helicopters we are able to cover a large area in a very short time with minimal manpower. This means a lower total cost when compared to traditional methods. With such versatility we can offer several services at the same time. We can give you the ability to survey your livestock and property in a short and timely manner. We can also assist in working livestock over rough terrain that would be cumbersome on foot. Our ability to offer a bird’s eye view makes it easy to spot predators that are harming livestock and eradicate them quickly. With our mobile capability we can meet your needs on site while cutting costs for the consumer. Whether you need assistance with surveying your livestock and property, controlling predators, or finding lost livestock alpine aviation is here to serve you.

What we can do for you:

  • Herding
  • Locating lost livestock
  • Livestock survey
  • Predator control
  • Property survey

According to current USDA studies 28% of adult sheep and 36% of lambs have fallen prey to coyote in the past few years. This carries a staggering financial impact on ranchers that is estimated to be $20.5 million dollars nationwide.  With the growing coyote population these numbers can be expected to increase.

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